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We inspire the next generation of food, agriculture and agtech entrepreneurs and startups across Nigeria, one idea at  a time!

Startup Acceleration & Incubation

Launching a startup is not easy. The success of any food, agriculture and agtech solution is based upon building products that are ready for your target market and to be sure that the market is ready to easily embrace your idea. This is what we help you with through our acceleration and incubation program.


At the GreenRise Innovation Hub, we provide guidance and direction for potential investors entering the food, agriculture and agtech industry. Our experience, coupled with years of business management, start-up, distribution channels, marketing makes The GreenRise Innovation Hub the perfect partner to guide you into the Ag-centric market.

Agrobusiness owners

If you are an agriculture business owner looking for a tech solution for your products or services, we can work with you along with our entrepreneurs to develop a tailored solution for your need. Our hub is made up of the skills and expertise that will create the perfect solution for your business.

The place where food, agriculture and technology meets.

We are the place where dreams are moved from your head to the market. We help entrepreneurs and startups in the agtech space build, grow and find their voice in the marketplace.

The agriculture industry has never faced so much challenges as it is today, but at the same time, this is the best to be in the sector. Everyday, there are needs for solutions to tackle these challenges, using technology in the area of Water supply and use, Water quality, Animal productivity and health, Crop protection, Soil fertility, Inadequate labour, Value chain development and addition, Access to market and so on. 


Do you think you have an idea on how to use technology to meet any of the challenges in agriculture? Then you are just at the right place.

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Hub Activities

Among severally interesting others, at The GreenRise Hub, we engage in the following key activities with our entrepreneurs, startups and businesses in the agtech space. 

Agtech Seminars

Learn everything about agtech industry in Nigeria and globally. Understand how to create your MVP, market intelligence, business planning, customer acquisition, growth hacking and anything else that might help you grow your ideas.

Networking and Meetups

Regularly scheduled events that holds at the hub. It’s a good opportunity to know and meet the key players and stakeholders in the agtech space. It’s also a good opportunity to meet potential investors or co-founders.

Training and Mentorship

We organise special and need-tailored training and mentorship sessions for agtech entrepreneurs and startups at our hub. It is usually a growth opportunity when leaders in the industry invest their time for your growth.


This is a free event for both public and in-house startups to present their ideas or startups to the hub members and the public and have opportunity to receive feedbacks to improve their pitch and ideas.

Idea Validation

We take pride in delivering Intelligent methodology and engaging experiences in helping our entrepreneurs and startups through the process of idea validation. 

Team Building

Having the right team is very crucial to starttup success, yet that is where most startups fail. Our program incorporate sessions for team building and bonding.

Product Development

We understand that creating the right product for the right market requires understanding the market and its prevailing customer behaviour. We will help you through this process.


The perception of agriculture is changing rapidly both at home globally. It is important tp present the right value you offer as an agtech business. We will work with the best brand builders to give your startup a touch with a difference.

Customer Acquisition

We will work with you to create the right avatar for your business and  develop a step by step process to reach them, meeting their needs. 


We will link you to the right people and places to find funds and guide you through the process.

We understand every process in the journey of creating a business and......
We’ll help you
get there!

Got a business idea?

Do you have a food, agriculture or agtech business idea you want to move to the next level? The best place to start from is our pre-accelerator program.